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Hardwork and dedication is required in whatever you in order to be successful and achieve something big in your field. B. Tech is one of the most popular courses among young students who wish to become engineers in their careers. B. Tech is an undergraduate degree, with course duration of 4 years. However, it is usually seen that students get confused while selecting the specialization or the branch of engineering. Therefore while chosing your dream stream to ensure that you make the right choice always assess yourselves on the basis of your interests and both theoretical and practical knowledge about the concepts and subjects related to that stream which you choose along with the future prospects of that course after the completion of that course. And this is where and why btechalerts.in is at your service to provide all the information about your "DREAM STREAM" so that you could make a wise choice for your career.

btechalerts.inwill provide you with information related to the various engineering streams, their top recruiters,their future scope, their video lecture links and all news related to the new technologies being adopted in these fields.The streams covered by btechalerts.in are as follows:-


Mechanical engineering is a professional degree course consisting of an in-depth study of the principle, working construction, make and maintainance and repair of the various light and heavy tools and machines applying concepts of physics mathematical formulas, engineering, manufacturing and material science. A mechanical engineering student gains knowledge and experience through practical and industrial training work in the make repair and design of various machinaries like motors, automobiles, aircrafts and other heavy vehicles. Software subjects like computer aided engineering and design are also included in the course for a better understanding and link to the digitalized technologies.


Civil Engineering is a professioal degree course which deals with planning, designing, constructing, maintaining, and operating infrastructures employing public and Eco-friendly techniques .This course is a detailed study of all the parameters required in the infrastructural development Civil engineering course is offered both at the undergraduate and postgraduate levels also for aspirants who are willing to have an in depth study of the subjects.


Computer Science Engineering is a professional degree course offering knowledge about all basic to advance concepts relating to computer programming, organization, architecture and networking. An in depth study about the design, implementation and management of information and database systems and their related hardware and software is an integral part of the course study.Going by the name, CSE course deals primarily with the theory and fundamentals of computation and design of computational systems......


Electrical Engineering is a professional degree course dealing with the complete study of various electrical components and equipments their development design and maintenance. The course also covers the mechanisms which are responsible for providing quality, safety, reliability and sustainability in electric equipments. Manufacture of electrical components and the generation and distribution of power are also subjects which form an integral part of this program.......


Electrical & Electronics Engineering is a professional degree course dealing with the concepts of electricity, electronics and electromagnetic fields theory. Electrical engineering deals with the study, design, generation and maintenance of electric power and equipments while, Electronic engineering deals with deals the transfer of information using various electrical and radio signals. These engineers are responsible for designing, developing and testing electrical equipment......


Electronics & Communication Engineering is a professional degree dealing with electronic system analysis its implementation, production, repair and maintenance, along with various communication signals mechanisms and techniques used to communicate information both at hardware the integrated circuit programming levels. This course of study also deals with the communication equipments like transmitter, receiver, integrated circuits (IC), networks, electronic devices and circuits to be studied in detail from the basic to advance levels.

This was just a brief about some of the streams which could be your dream stream to know more about the insights explore btechalerts.in more.... :-)

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